Going To Fuda
  • Contact

    Contact FUDA at consultationphils@fudahospital.com. Email patient's diagnosis and stage of cancer, medical reports, treatment history and dates, and description of the patient's condition (level of pain, ability to breathe, ability to walk, ability to eat). There will be a reply within 24 hours.
  • Confirmation

    Email the full names and passport numbers of each person who plans to come to FUDA. Ensure to note patient's name.
  • Invitation

    Visa Invitation letter will be sent thru email to be used in. Link sample visa invitation letter A letter of invitation from Fuda will be sent. This will be used in the application of Chinese visas of all people going to Fuda. Processing of visa normally takes 3-4 business days.
  • Process Visa

    • 1. Sample Visa Invitation Letter
    • 2. Chinese Visa Application Process
    • 3. NBI Clearance Application
  • Purchase Tickets

    You can purchase plane tickets to Guangzhou International Airport (airport code: CAN) thru Cebu Pacific, Southern China and Cathay. It is safe to book 5 weeks stay in FUDA.
  • Inform

    Email FUDA at consultationphils@fudahospital.com of the Flight Number, Departure Date, Arrival Time, and Total number of people arriving.
  • Medical Records

    Bring previous medical records (CTScan, PET scan, X-Rays).
  • Check weather

    Visit website to determine what kind of clothes to bring
  • Clothes

  • Food

  • Arrival at the Airport

    Upon arrival at the Guangzhou International Airport, all passengers will pass through an exit passageway. This is the place where many Family members hold up signs with people's names on them. A Fuda staff member will have a bright pink sign with the Patient's name on it. Staff member will notify the driver to bring the car/ambulance to pick up patient and bring patient to the hospital( approximately a 50 minutes drive). If hospital's pick-up staff is nowhere to be found , call : Segundo +86-130-22-00-23-69
    In the event you fail to take the flight for some unavoidable reasons, please call Dr. Lu at +86-137-60-888-586.
  • Arrival at the Hospital

    Upon arrival, patient will be directed to the hospital room. Patient will be asked to fill-in a small hospital admission form. Additionally, patient will need to fast (no food or water) after midnight, though a small amount of water is okay if absolutely necessary. It is suggested to have a full meal before midnight.
  • Blood Test and Scan

    The next morning, a nurse will come in to do various tests (blood, stool, urine, etc.). Patient may also be doing PET/CT scan that morning. If the scan is not performed on the first morning, it may have been scheduled for the next morning. PET/CT process takes about 1.5 hours, but the actual scan is only about 20 minutes. After arriving at the center, there is a fair bit of waiting. You will need to drink a medicated water. At one point, a nurse will inject a radioactive dye 'tracer' (fludeoxyglucose). After this injection, you will need to sit still or sleep for approximately 45 minutes, to allow for the dye to take effect. After the scan, wait 15 minutes, and you can begin eating and drinking.
  • Treatment Plan

    After the doctor gets all of the examination results and discusses them with specialists, the doctor will come up with the best treatment plan. Normally, the PET/CT scan result will come up in the afternoon of the second day. Normally treatment plan comes by the third day. The doctor will discuss the treatment plan.