First Time Patients

Are you a first time patient?

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“I need more beds for my family members.”

There is a limit of 3 people in the room. You can ask the nurse for the extra sofa-bed (There is a charge for it). If you need a hotel room, ask your translator or nurse about the hotels nearby.

“Does Fuda accept US$?”

All payment in China needs to be in Chinese RMB (yuan). If you need to exchange money, our security guard will accompany you to the Bank (at 9.30 a.m. Mon-Fri). Inform the nurse/translator and at 9.00-9:15, when our guard knocks on your door, give him your passport so he can photocopy it. He will return it to you and everybody leaves at 9:30 (meet at 1st floor)

“Where do we eat?”

3 Options: Café on the 3rd floor, hospital restaurant across the street, and stores and restaurants nearby. There is KK Rabbit delivery service from a lot of international restaurants all over the city, Mc. Donalds, KFC, Pizza Hut

“Are there any grocery stores nearby?”

Please see the map on the back of this paper. Also, there is a free shuttle bus from Vanguard department store that leaves every hour. Times - 9:15 -11:15 and 14:15 - 19:15. Buses return from Vanguard at half past every hour (i.e. 9:30-11:30 and 14:30-21:30). Make sure you get on the right bus back to Fuda (bus number 3).

“Where do we wash our clothes?”

There is a coin-operated one available at the kitchen veranda of 6th and 8th floor. The cost is 5 RMB per load (coin exchange at cashier on 1st floor) and you need to bring your own detergent. You can hang-dry your clothes on the 10th floor (take the right elevator to 9th floor, then take the stairs) if no veranda in your room.

“Who speaks English, who doesn’t?”

Almost all doctors and nurses speak excellent English, but you need to adapt yourselves to their English during your first week. You can ask them to repeat or to speak slowly. And please be patient. They may need to adapt to your English as well. You can contact translators as well for help – Eddy 159-15-82-79-69 (5th and 6th floor)Lian 132-50-30-35-31 (7th and 8th floor) or Lina 130-02-03-58-37 (Old hospital).

Visa Extension and Ticket Reschedule

Three steps of extending the visa:

  • 1. Take a new visa picture from the authorized photo studio (contact the nurse for address/in-call service. The photo studio will give you a digital photo receipt)
  • 2. Bring your passport, two photos (2 inch with blue background) and the receipt to customer service dept.
  • 3. When the material is prepared, the customer service department staff will contact you. Patient's family member should go to the immigration department with the company of customer service staff.
NOTE: Please extend your visa at least 10 working days before your visa expired. You can directly go to Customer Service Dept 1st floor, looking for Todd - telp13560097943.

Catholic Church and Mass

English mass is performed at 15:30 every Sunday. It is important to be there before 15:00.

Cathedral of Sacred Heart of Jesus - Yide Rd.

Taxi will take about 30 minutes, less than 40RMB. If you want to take public transport, take 250/226 to Living Mall, then take MRT line 2 to Haizhu Square exit B1. The church is 10 minutes walk.

Airport Pick-up

Airport pick-up is provided for free for patients. Family members can go with hospital car if there is a pick-up within the similar time. You can ask your nurse/ translator to check it for you.

For patients: upon arrival, if you cannot find hospital’s pick-up staff,

you can call Segundo (086)-130-22-00-23-69

Hospital's Map

Fuda Hospital Map