Who We Are

  • Philippine Volunteers for Fuda (PVF) is a group of Filipinos who have received successful cancer treatments at Fuda. This group also includes their families and friends who have accompanied them while being treated at Fuda.
  • The idea was conceived by some of these Filipinos who have experienced the difficulties of the patients and families in getting accurate information and the steps to be taken from the time they heard about Fuda up to the time when the patient and families decided to go to Fuda.
  • In light of these experiences, PVF was born to provide detailed information and step by step procedure in every step of the way for these patients and families to avoid confusion and wrong expectations.
  • Through this website we encourage Filipino patients, families and friends to use these information and share their experiences with others who may find them useful in making the right decision and how to follow easy steps in the process.
  • Also, through this website, we also encourage positive feedbacks and suggestions to make improvements in the process.

Our Mission

  • We aim to inspire Filipino people with cancer to view FUDA as NEW OPTION for cancer treatment to continue to fight and live a new life.
  • Through the collective information, and voluntary testimonials from former FUDA patients, we aspire to share these to cancer patients and their families to consider a new option for treatments .
  • And as they embark to a new journey, we aim to be their hand-holding partner that will GUIDE them in every step of the way.
  • We desire to put God in control to gain the perfect healing and to eventually leading to a new life and new beginning.