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Ma. Theresa G. Diawatan - Breast Cancer

by Fuda Volunteer
4/12/2013 3:15:07 AM

My 1st Testimonial - April 8, 2013

Written below is my testimony for inclusion in your book. may this testimony enlightens other cancer survivors not only in FUDA Hospital but also to those who truly believes that God is our great healer......

I am Tes Diawatan, a Breast cancer survivor for almost 4 years.

In 2008, After being diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I agreed to my doctors suggestion to have a radical mastectomy on the affected breast but I did not undergo chemotherapy due to my fear of its complications & side effects.

Instead, I agreed to take Tamoxifen tablets as alternative to chemo and was told to continue taking it for 5 years. However, after a visit to a Naturopathic Doctor, I was advised to discontinue it and was placed on pure vegetarian diet which I readily agreed.

Sad to say, 2 years after, my lab test shows a new tumor on the left breast. I was upset and prayed to God to get rid of this new breast mass without operation. Surely enough, God listens and answers prayer. (1john 5:15) My daughter-in-law was kind enough to research the best treatment plan for me. She came across FUDA Hospital and learned of the scheduled seminar last April 2, 2011 in Pampanga.

My husband and I together with our pastor and his wife who happens to be both doctors by profession went to the seminar of Dr. Xiu and his staff . They were so accommodating and patient in our queries and made me confident that what they are saying could be true. Dr. Xhiangho Piao suggested cryosurgery for my new tumor. They informed the expenses I would possibly incur if ever I will seek further treatment here in FUDA Hospital.

I do not have enough cash on hand that time to cover my treatment. I prayed again that if it is God's will for me to go to FUDA, He will provide me everything I needed for the treatment. God is so good! Within a month, God provided everything to me and I did not have a hard time processing our travel document. I underwent the usual cryosurgery, seed implantation, 6 sessions of NANO chemotherapy with a minimal side effect and CIC. My treatment was completed on October 2011.

I came back to FUDA today August 2012 for another CIC for further protection and care. And I was told that my cancer does not exist anymore, MY God has healed me, using the FUDA doctors!

I thank God for my family, especially my loving husband and caregiver who took care of me and my friends and relatives who comforted and supported me in times of depression. I thank God for all the provisions He has given me to complete my healing. With God's grace, I have regained my strength. God has been true to His promises to me. 

Today I have abundant peace and security as said in Jeremiah 33:6. Now I continue to pray that I may live a victoriously for the purpose that He has planned for me. God works in subtle ways, He uses people for the blessing of HIS people and today I continue to seek His desires for this new lease of life from JESUS. This cancer free life is HIS gift to me and the way I am going to live my life is my gift back to JESUS

To God be the glory!

MA. Theresa G. Diawatan