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Remy Matias

by Fuda Volunteer
4/12/2013 3:04:57 AM

Kidney Cancer Patient (My 2nd Testimonial as of April 8, 2013)

Sharing to you my Testimonial!
Hi every one, just call me Remy, I’m a cancer patient and was diagnosed of kidney small cell carcinoma aggressive cancer cell last 2007, after 8 months metastasis was determined in my upper clavicle, in my right shoulder and my 4th right ribs, just call me lady survivor, because previous six operations was done to me, before cancer was determined, my gall bladder was already removed, my liver had undergo a roux and y operation, inserting my small intestine direct to the center of my liver for passageway and drainage of green bile that my liver produced. I also encountered an adhesion caused by several operations, my 7th and last operation was the removal of my right kidney with cancer.

My treatment Process in FUDA Cancer Hospital:

I stayed in the hospital for 21 days, the nurse get 80cc of my blood and cultured for 8 days, they put some chemicals to grow new cells, I noticed that my blood became color white, returned it back by infusing it through I.V. direct to my veins for two consecutive days. I also received two kinds of injections vaccines to destroyed the remaining cancer cell in my body and to grow new cells to fight my cancer cells. This makes my immune system strong, This process is similar to Stem Cell. I also maintain M.V. vaccines as part of my therapy.
Side Effect:
The only side effect I noticed was tolerable like flu, I just drink paracetamol to eased the pain of injections in both arms, after several hours the pain was gone.

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Problems that I encountered:
Before I was diagnosed with cancer, my dearest husband, sweetest eldest daughter and my loving mother died of cancer. They went through the process of chemo and radiation but still after several months they died. I think they died not of their cancer but the side effects of chemo and radiation, their body cannot tolerate the side effect like, lowering the immune system, allergic reaction, swelling, vomiting, hair loss, and internal system of the body are being affected. I am not advertising the FUDA Hospital, but if you are the patients being affected and want to live longer without pain. Fuda Cancer hospital had helped me a lot And I must say this, I rather live without pain than to die with pain.

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Advices to the cancer patients:
First of all, I like to thank God for giving me another life, If we are affected by cancer, we must learn to accept it, unless we will not, we cannot adjust our remaining life given to us, and we don’t know when will God will get us, we must remember that God is the creator of our life and its existence. As I’ve learned to what had happened to me, was to accept the reality of life given to us by the creator. If we are given a chance to leave, use that to the fullest. Think of something you will be useful and don’t think negative, always think positive, because what dictates in the mind absorb our body.

My past time:
Now, I try myself busy, so that my mind will be focus on something doing like paintings, Facebook surfing and joining outside activities. And most of all serving my children while I am still strong and healthy. 

See my attached work of arts: 

Giving my Thanks!
I like to thank Dr. Xu Kecheng, Esther Law Lee Poh and all the doctors and nurses and staff for excellent services they rendered to the cancer patients. They never stop searching for more, they are hands on in their works, they are not selective when it comes to services they do, they have equal treatment among cancer patients.

Thank you also for allowing me and my sister Vivian Peñafuerte to visit your old and new hospital, were in we met all cancer patients by giving them inspirations and sharing my stories and theirs. Thank you for the support and helped , prayers are always offer to all cancer patients. Thank you God for life extending, and to all of you MABUHAY TAYONG LAHAT!!!!


Remy Matias