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  • Cryo surgery is a method to freeze the tumor directly. It is used for primary cancer and the metastasis. If the tumor is near the big artery or important organ, it is dangerous to do the cryo surgery. Instead iodine seeds implantation is given. Iodine seeds implantation is one kind of local radiation inside the tumor.
  • Cancer Microvessel Nano Material Blockage (CNB) needs to transfer different chemo medicine into fine grain particle by special technology. Then the fine grain particle will be given inside the artery which supply cancer by superselective catheterization and intervention. This fine grain particle of chemo medicine will stay inside tumor and keep high density for long time. Theory for CNB is there are a lot of gaps among the cancer capillary endothelial cells, however there are tight junction among the normal capillary endothelial cells. The nano chemo particle will go inside the interstitialspace of cancer, which cause Osmotic stress increase, the differential pressure between artery and vein of tumor�s blood capillary disappear. The blood flow will stop, but the fine grain particle will move slowly inside the tumor�s blood capillary. So that the chemo fine grain particle will stay a long time inside tumor. Because of the small size, there will not be embolism in the normal fine grain particle. Because we use much less chemo medicine, the side effect of the whole body is very small.
  • Immunotherapy The treatment is especially good for preventing metastasis and recurrence, slowing the growth of cancer, improving general health, and boosting the immune system after the effects of chemo therapy.
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